• All of SAHAN products are 100% natural, and contains no GMOs.
  • All of SAHAN products are pork and lard oil free.
  • None of the products contains soy meat.
  • We use PP packaging which is the safest plastic type to use for food packaging. It is safe to use it in a microwave.
  • According to the R&D, if the product stored properly (at -18 degrees Celsius), the shelf life of the product can be 1 year without any chemicals to prolong its due date.
  • The ingredients, their calories and nutritional values can be found on each packaging.

Healthy Production

  • Healthy production is a production type where no chemicals or preservatives are being used from the raw ingredients until the final dish is prepared.
  • As Sahan family, we do not use any chemicals, GMOs or preservatives in our production.
  • We freeze our produce at a -40 degrees Celsius, which is called quick-freezing, to make sure the dishes maintain their full nutritional value, then we store them at -18 degrees celsius. It is proven that this way of freezing and storing makes sure the food preserves its freshness and its nutritional values.

Why our food is so fresh?

Our products are free of any GMOs. They contain all the nutrients they have once they are shocked and frozen at a -40 degrees celsius.This way, we make sure they is not any chance in taste or quality. We do not use any chemicals therefore, all our dishes have their full nutrients.

We make sure to have multiple detailed taste tests. And they are frozen immediately right after preparation to maximize the taste and longevity. The same high quality is guaranteed with every bite!


  • Our delicious frozen foods undergo highly detailed and progressive taste tests.
  • When cooked according to our special conditions and cooking techniques, it has the same taste as its counterparts prepared from fresh products. The freezing process, which is carried out immediately after the preparation process, guarantees unchanging flavor quality in each product and each portion.
  • Frozen foods are one of the biggest saviors of your busy life in terms of practicality.
  • Frozen foods are much more economical than homemade.